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Everything about SMS Marketing with AI

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers from all over the world are looking for the most effective way to market their products. But what if there already is such type of marketing? Here’s everything you need to know about SMS marketing with AI.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for “short message service”, but even if you didn’t know what this abbreviation means, you probably already knew what SMS messages are. At least once in your life you probably got a text message with information about your local store having a sale. This is a prime example of text message marketing.

With the popularity of messenger apps, this type of marketing has extended to them as well, but not everyone owns smartphones and uses such apps, so regular SMS text message marketing remains the standard.

In SMS marketing, you can send text messages to your customers from either your phone or computer. But, of course, sending messages in bulk is more convenient from a computer, so that’s what you will be using most of the time.

How Can You Use AI for SMS Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is now being used almost in every industry and marketing is not an exception. The best marketers from all over the world have been using this technology in their marketing strategy in order to make their campaigns more effective. Some of the benefits of using AI include:

  • More Personalization: Perhaps the most important advantage of using AI for SMS marketing is that you will have more opportunities for personalization which will be convenient both for you and for your customers.

  • Reduced Data Errors: AI prevents data errors from happening because machines are less prone to the errors humans might make. This is why it can be better to rely on machines to do the heavy work.

  • Improved ROI: This is mainly the result of marketers being able to predict customer behavior better thanks to AI. If you know what will work better, you can invest more smartly.

  • Saving Time and Money: You will be able to automate a number of processes that will, in turn, lead to a lot of time and money being saved. You can then use these resources elsewhere.

  • Better Content Creation and Curation: AI helps you create the content of higher quality in a smaller amount of time. Then, it also helps you curate content and send it out appropriately.

Obviously, these are not all the advantages of AI being used for SMS marketing, but they are the most important ones. Artificial Intelligence is evolving all the time, so we might see some very important discoveries or developments very soon that will improve the situation even more.

What Are Some General Tips for Launching SMS Marketing Campaigns?

In order to start using bulk SMS marketing strategies in your campaign, you need to keep in mind some peculiarities that come with text message marketing as well as some general tips that will help you make your campaign more efficient:

  • Smarter Communication Online: Along with the usual SMS text message marketing and messenger marketing there is also chatbot marketing which could help you create a smarter environment for communication online. If you want to improve the way your website functions, it’s a good idea to consider integrating chatbots on your site. This will allow visitors to get answers to their questions faster and then be redirected to a real salesperson if the situation requires it.

  • More Convenient Integration: As mentioned earlier, AI significantly reduces the amount of time and money you spend on creating, curating, and sending our text messages. This means that your team will be able to focus on other aspects of SMS marketing. You can leave it to machines to craft transactional text messages and then send them out based on the responses your customers had to some of the messages you already sent out.

  • Customers Talking to You Directly: An integral part of the personalized experience your customers are expecting is being able to talk to you directly. While there may not be enough customer support employees available to communicate with everyone, auto-responding messages can make up for that. For example, you could create a message that your customers need to reply to with a certain number to get a particular piece of information. This will answer most of their questions and allow you to save a lot of time in your customer support department.

  • Keep Your Customers Updated: SMS marketing with AI is also very useful for keeping your customers updated. Once you have something to tell your customers, you will need to get in touch with them in some way. Not all of them use social media or check their email regularly, but all of them will have a phone and a number that you can send messages to. The AI technology you use will help you to send out updates faster and more efficiently. 

  • Interact with Your Customers: As you probably already realized, text messages can be made interactive if you are using Artificial Intelligence. This could be used in almost any way you could imagine. It is also very useful for customer surveys and collecting feedback. For instance, you could send out a message asking your customers to respond with a number from 1 to 10 about how much they like your customer service. Then, you could ask how likely they would be to recommend your brand on a scale from 1 to 10. Simple, but effective.

  • Improved Customer Communication: As a result of everything mentioned in this article, you will realize that communication with your customers has improved and you are able to understand their needs better. This is essential for improving your customer support and other aspects of your business. All you need to do is be more attentive to how your SMS marketing campaign is performing and then decide what further actions should be undertaken. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you could say that SMS marketing with AI is an enhanced version of the usual SMS marketing. It is more effective and will allow you to personalize your messages better, so go ahead and upgrade your marketing strategy with the tips from this article.


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