Collecting phone numbers is now a lot easier with Messente's ready-made API, callback notifications and unique website generator.

Customisable website for collecting phone numbers

The core tool for our Subscription API is the website that allows you to collect phone numbers. You can generate a unique website that fits your needs for every campaign.

Gif showing how Messente's Subcription API works on a generated website

The generated site will also get a unique URL (i.e. that you can shorten for sharing it with messages.

Managing collected numbers

You can always download the numbers in machine-readable CSV format from Messente's Dashboard. The data will be up to date and can be imported to your backend for processing.

A more flexible solution is to use callback notification - this way your server will be notified every time someone subscribes to the list.

Use-cases for Subscription API

Here are some of the various use-cases for our Subscription API - see through the list and let us know if you are using it for something else!

1. Opt-in for a product launch notification
Collect phone numbers that you can later import to Phonebook and send out an SMS when the product launches.

2. Participating in a lottery
Use the unique link that allows users to participate in a lottery - later, you just need to download the CSV file from the Dashboard and pick a lucky winner.

3. Unsubscribe from a (marketing) list
Using the callback URL notifications, your system will be instantly notified when someone wants to unsubscribe their number from your marketing list.

You can always integrate Subscription API callback logic on your side with our Phonebook API to automatically remove this number from a Group or add this number to Blacklist.

Take a look at the API documentation by clicking here!