7 Hidden Signs It’s Time to Change Your SMS Marketing Strategy

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Not all SMS marketing campaigns are created equal. Some companies fully integrate SMS marketing into their business strategy and others see it as a side project. Herein lies the danger and, soon, the SMS marketing effort runs aground for lack of attention and sound strategy policy.

For any significant ROI on marketing programs, SMS channel included, there must be a concerted effort and strategy to manage those using defined metrics.

You may engage a communications expert to optimize your SMS channel or instead upgrade your knowledge to help you keep track of performance. Here are seven signs it is time to change your SMS marketing strategy. 

Stagnation and reduced revenue

SMS marketing has one purpose only and that is to drive numbers. You are looking at increased prospects, leads, conversions, repeat purchases, sales volumes, and practically anything that helps your business to grow.

There is cause for alarm when any of your digital marketing channels are not showing significant ROI. If in one given quota, there are no leads, let alone conversions from SMS marketing, it is time to review strategy.

Pull in all the existing SMS marketing content for review to pinpoint where and why it is not achieving desired results. Invest in AI-powered solutions to help you analyze the current data for weaknesses and using machine-learning capabilities, develop content that resonates with the target audience.  

Shrinking social media presence

When you fail to reach a sufficient number of followers on social media or to increase those you have, something is not right. It is time to figure out why your messaging is failing and look for remedial measures. In a bid to sell to everyone, it could also be that your messaging is too general in form and loses appeal in the process.

SMS marketing is about the power of text and does not enjoy the advantage of visuals such as infographics that other social media platforms have. In essence, what this means is that your content must be short, concise, and precise while at the same time catchy enough to attract and retain attention.

Perhaps it is also time to define and narrow down your target audience to a specific audience for more effective messaging. 

When numbers are there but none paying

If the requisite interest is there without a corresponding number of paying customers and you have metrics in place to confirm this, consider that an alarm signal.

Look at the message again to discover why it fails to generate leads as expected despite attracting interest. You might need to tweak your message a bit to hit home on the SMS platform and possibly include marketing communication experts to help.

You may want to address the clarity of your message in conveying product information as there could be some level of ambiguity that confuses prospective customers.

It is also possible that your SMS content could be dated and in need of updates to keep up with current trends. The content might be catchy and interesting but lack in suitability, so in that case, get your technical team to fine-tune the messaging and relaunch. 

The SMS content is over a year old

The emerging e-commerce platform is so dynamic it changes at a very fast pace and those who cannot keep up drop by the wayside. This also dictates trends and tastes in consumer reaction to marketing content and their buying behavior.

If your SMS content is more than one year old and still in circulation, it is probably dated and ineffective. It is time to consider creating fresh content that appeals to consumers’ changing tastes.

It is important to update your content continuously to move with the changing times. Customers are not going to continue sharing old messages that addressed last year’s tastes - it is just not cool. Revamp your SMS marketing strategy to include periodic revisions to maintain relevance and appeal to both the new and old customers. 

SMS platform is the only one not performing

When the SMS platform is the only one not performing of all the marketing channels, that is a sign to find out why. You could be focusing on other channels that you treat the SMS as a minor tool in your marketing strategy.

Do not fall in this pit because digital marketing has moved to handheld devices that include smartphones and they serve as an excellent media for SMS contact.

In your marketing strategy, do not leave any sector of the program behind in execution nor operate in a siloed format with each channel isolated from the next. Deploy your resources to work together towards shared goals for the success of your business.

Do not underrate SMS marketing because when professionally implemented, it has a higher contact rate than other media and easier to view than web content. 

Last-minute messaging campaigns

Do you throw together some quick content for the SMS platform at the last minute just before publication? If this is happening frequently with your marketing campaigns, it is time to rethink your SMS marketing strategy.

To achieve good ROI on any marketing effort, there must be a comprehensive and proactive strategy and guidelines to ensure deliverables and not reactive afterthoughts.

Hastily assembled campaigns usually lack a foundation in research and may tend to be more subjective rather than objective. Endeavor to set a clear plan of action for all departments in your marketing strategy to avoid knee-jerk and impulsive reactions.

Preparing your marketing content long before publication dates allows you time to revisit with revisions should the market conditions shift before publication. This also allows you time to put together a cohesive campaign working across all channels in harmony for easier brand recognition. 

Diminished ROI

You invest your money in a marketing program and expect maximum returns and this is a standard metric in business. The moment you notice diminishing returns on the SMS marketing spend, it is an indication that the effort is not working. It is time to deploy your marketing analytics to find out why and redesign the strategy if necessary, to bring it around to productivity.

You are likely to find out that either your timing or the content is all wrong for the SMS marketing campaign and need review. In this case, a complete assessment of your digital marketing strategy will be necessary to correct the weak points and re-align for optimum performance.

Always remember to evaluate performance as a continuous process. Simply launching a campaign and hoping it will work somehow is courting failure and lost ROI. 

The bottom line

No matter what kind of company you work for, you can maximize the benefits of your SMS campaign. You need to dedicate time to crafting effective messages, analyze customer demographics, invest in an SMS-specific marketing team, and promote SMS campaign throughout the company’s media.

Scott Mathews
2020-08-31 00:00:00 UTC