In science, a periodic table is an important tool that provides concise information about every single chemical element and organises them according to how they relate to one another. A quick visual reference point for scientists, engineers and designers to help them select the right materials for a project.

Periodic tables aren't just used for science nowadays – we've seen them used to guide content marketing and email marketing activities. After being inspired by these, we've designed our own periodic text message table to help you achieve and exceed your SMS marketing objectives. Here it is below – keep reading for instructions on how to use it!

Messente's periodic text message table

How to use Messente's periodic text message table

All the elements of a brilliant SMS marketing campaign are listed in numerical order and categorised according to each stage you need to consider. It’s a handy step-by-step checklist, beginning with drafting your SMS strategy.

1. SMS marketing strategy and objectives

The first step is to address your strategy. Who is your target audience, and how will you get subscribers to sign up to your list? What do you want to promote and achieve from SMS marketing – more leads, sales, improved engagement or customer retention? Maybe you want to send more traffic to your website or promote blog posts. Elements 3-11 cover some goals you may be aiming for.

2. SMS compliance

If you want to send marketing text messages, you'll need to be aware of the relevant, country-specific telemarketing laws and regulations. For example, the TCPA governs the use of marketing phone calls and texts in the United States.

Such laws are in place to protect consumers from unsolicited telemarketing, and there are processes you must implement to ensure your SMS campaigns are compliant. This includes getting express written consent from subscribers (opt-ins) and allowing them to opt out of your SMS campaigns at any time.

3. SMS provider

Using an SMS provider is really the only way to send marketing text messages, as this allows you to send texts in bulk, track performance and automate campaigns. Messente's API, for instance, can integrate with more than 5,000 apps (using Zapier), saving you time and hassle.

4. SMS marketing campaign types

You can use many different kinds of campaigns to boost sales and increase engagement. Use the elements in our periodic text message table as prompts when devising your SMS marketing activity.

Segmenting your subscriber list and sending out targeted campaigns is a good idea. You could divide your list according to demographic or customer journey stage (new, inactive, loyal) and work on creating content that's highly relevant to these groups.

5. SMS content

Even though you'll only need a couple of sentences for your text message content, it's important not to rush this part of setting up your campaign. Words are powerful and can convince subscribers to take a particular action.

Focus on personalisation, relevancy, and urgency and always provide a call to action to tell subscribers what you want them to do.

6. Delivery

Consider the mechanics of text message delivery – is it better to schedule your campaigns in advance rather than creating and sending them simultaneously? Can you track delivery to see which phone numbers are active and which aren't? Test out campaign frequency and timings to get a feel for when your subscribers want to receive notifications from your business.

7. Campaign evaluation

As with any marketing activity, it's crucial to monitor the performance of your campaigns. Metrics to measure include SMS open rate, site click-throughs, conversion rates, unsubscribes and list growth. You could also check blog posts for new comments if you're driving traffic to specific posts.

Campaign evaluation concept

Try this periodic text message table for your next SMS campaign

Our periodic text message table contains all the elements you need for a promising SMS campaign. We hope you think this is such a perfect find!

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