The customer journey shouldn't just end after a successful first purchase. In an ideal world, the journey is cyclical – after buying something, the customer is continually exposed to the brand and hopefully decides to purchase again.

Repeat custom is the ultimate goal for most businesses since acquiring new customers is usually much more expensive than retaining existing ones. So how can you influence customers to continue their relationship with your business?

A good starting point is to ensure customers feel appreciated. Sending a 'thank you for your business' message is a simple but surefire way to achieve this.

How saying 'thank you' builds a loyal customer base

Thank you messages shouldn't only be sent after a confirmed and delivered order. They can also be sent when a prospective buyer expresses interest in one of your products or services – like when they add an item to their shopping cart but then abandon the checkout. In this case, you could thank them and remind them to complete their purchase at the same time – or use the opportunity to see if the prospect needs further information.

It's also important to thank customers when they take the time to provide feedback (whether they've had a positive experience or negative). This tells the customer you recognise and value their opinion – that they, as an individual, matter to your business – and so can help build customer loyalty.

It takes effort on the customer's part to leave feedback, and quite often, they'll only do this if they've had a poor experience. So along with an initial 'thank you for your feedback' message, it's a good idea to follow up later down the line to explain the steps you're taking to resolve the issue mentioned. You can also thank the customer for helping your business improve and grow.

Other reasons to thank customers include:

  • When a new subscriber joins your newsletter or text alert service.

  • After a delegate attends your event.

  • After someone has donated to your cause or volunteered their services.

  • When someone refers your business to other potential customers.

  • After a customer has made payment.

  • If your business achieves a special milestone, such as ten years in operation or being the recipient of an award. You can also thank your business community when you reach a certain level of members or subscribers.

Thanking customers is particularly important when marketing your small business since each sale and customer interaction are very significant.

How do you say 'thank you for your business' to a valued customer

There are plenty of ways to thank new and returning customers, from a cute, handwritten note included with orders to a post-purchase email sent after an order is delivered. Business text messaging is one of the most effective ways to convey short, meaningful messages. It's a crucial channel in a mobile marketing strategy because text messages have an impressive 98% open rate.

Opening and reading a text takes very little time; many customers can do this without disrupting their daily activities. It's also faster, cheaper and less wasteful than printing and posting thank you cards. Finally, SMS offers a personal touch as most people use text messages to chat with friends and family.

Friends using mobile phones

Eight smart tips for writing powerful 'thank you' business messages

Whatever medium you choose to deliver 'thank you' messages, follow these tips and best practices to ensure your gratitude is well received.

  1. Be specific about why you are thanking your customer or prospect. This helps jog the recipient's memory about their recent interaction and ensures your message sounds authentic.

  2. Personalise your messages to add a personal touch and form a direct, deeper connection. Add your company name if recipients are unlikely to immediately recognise you as the sender.

  3. Keep it short and catchy but not cheesy or too formal. You can get away with some textspeak but ensure your content is easy to read and understand.

  4. Be friendly yet professional – a clever emoji, GIF, or image can set the right tone.

  5. Avoid overkill and just thank someone when it matters (not for every little interaction). Otherwise, your gratitude will start to lose its significance.

  6. Don't get too carried away and offer massive future discounts without considering your bottom line. Providing an incentive as an extra special show of appreciation can be a good idea but must be carefully calculated.

  7. Send at a decent hour, and be mindful of local time zones. Read up on the best times to send a text.

  8. Offer post-sales services, such as advice and tips on getting the most value from your product and service or onboarding assistance from your customer support team (if applicable).

12 'thank you' note examples for boosting customer loyalty

Use our sample 'thank you' messages below to show appreciation for new, returning and potential customers in response to various interactions and situations.

After a recent purchase:

Hi Sally, thanks for your order. We appreciate your custom and hope you enjoy your new mattress. Sweet dreams! Deluxe Bed Ltd.

Post-purchase with upsell:

Hey Jo, thank you for buying the Ultimate Coffee Machine! Have you seen our range of flavoured coffee pods yet? Here's 10% off a future order. Coffee & Co.

When you get a new subscriber:

Hi James, welcome to the Be Mindful community; we're so glad you've joined us. We're excited to share hints and tips for improving mental health.

Following an event:

Thank you for attending our coaching seminar, Carly. We hope you found it helpful. View our events calendar to discover more coaching events near you. [URL]

In response to a referral:

Hi Taylor, just a personal thank you for recommending us to AK Accounting. Look out for some free business cards in the post! Greg at Tip Top Design.

After receiving negative feedback:

Thanks for leaving us a review. We're sorry our service wasn't up to scratch on this occasion. Our latest blog explains the steps we're taking to improve: [URL]

After receiving positive feedback:

Thanks for the review! We're so pleased you've had a positive experience. Your support means so much, and your feedback helps us improve our service for other customers.

Upon achieving a milestone:

Today is our 5th birthday! Your business means everything to us. As a thank you here's a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase. [HAPPY5] Retro Bags Ltd.

For a customer anniversary:

Wow, you've been with us for three years! We value your continued loyalty and can offer you a 10% discount on your renewal. Protect Insurance.

When securing a new client:

Hi Peter, thank you for deciding to use Complete Construction for your building project. You won't be disappointed. We're excited to start work!

Following a donation:

Your donation will help us build four new hedgehog corridors between the village park and the library. Thanks for helping keep our local prickles safe!

When a would-be shopper abandons their cart:

Thanks for your interest in our age-defying beauty products. Don't forget to complete your purchase – time waits for no one! AD Beauty. [Cart URL]

Example thank you business text message

Start sending 'thank you' business messages today

A 'thank you for your business' message is a simple yet highly effective concept for showing customer appreciation. Whether you have a large or small business, you can send a thank you note to new and prospective customers for many reasons, and it doesn't have to be lengthy – a sentence or two will do the job nicely.

One of the best ways to send thank you notes is via text message. Virtually all texts get noticed and opened, meaning your message will likely be seen. This can help cement your business or brand in your recipients’ minds, strengthening relationships and resulting in increased brand awareness and customer retention.

Messente can help with sending business 'thank you' messages. Sign up for a free account to learn how.