Do your customers or clients know that you value them? There's no better time to show that you care than on Valentine's Day!

While romantic Valentine's Day messages are usually reserved for beloved couples, it seems perfectly acceptable and even expected these days to wish anyone and everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! (Even parents, grandchildren, friends and work colleagues!)

Yes, declarations of love and appreciation are in abundance on this one day of the year. So why not use this to your advantage and send your customers a carefully worded Valentine's Day greeting? It could go a long way in making them feel cherished.

It doesn't have to be a lovey-dovey text. Funny Valentine's Day messages are also a great way to get your target audience to notice you. But the best Valentine's messages for customers are those that also offer them something special on such a special day!

Keep reading to find the right words to honour business relationships across a range of sectors.

How to send a Valentine’s text message campaign

Before sending a Valentine's message to customers, you'll need to choose an SMS provider and start collecting a list of subscribers.

Choosing an SMS provider

An SMS provider is a text messaging service that acts as an intermediary between mobile networks and SMS service users. It offers an interface where users can send and receive texts and routes these text messages to mobile operators and SMS subscribers through an SMS gateway.

You'll need an SMS provider if you want to send each Valentine's Day text message in bulk to hundreds or thousands of recipients simultaneously. An SMS provider also enables you to track campaign performance, manage subscribers, and schedule your lovely Valentine’s Day texts in advance.

Collecting subscribers

Valentine's Day SMS messages are classed as promotional material – and it's the law in most countries that you obtain 'opt-ins' for SMS marketing campaigns. That means subscribers must willingly sign up and give their consent to receive your marketing text messages before.

Getting opt-ins is straightforward. You could have customers tick a checkbox on your website at the point of data capture, next to a statement such as:

'By ticking this box, you're opting in to receive SMS marketing text messages from [Company Name].'

Or you could display information at your premises, on your website, or on social media to encourage subscribers to opt-in to your SMS campaigns by texting a keyword (like OPTIN) to a shortcode number. Here's an example:

'Want to get special offers and the latest news from us at [Company Name]? Text 'OPTIN' to [Shortcode] to subscribe to our SMS marketing campaigns.'

Valentine's Day SMS campaigns for business

With those essential elements in place, here are some Valentine's Day promotion message templates to inspire you if your business operates in the beauty, health, hospitality, retail and finance sectors. You'll also see some Valentine's Day messages that are ideal for any business type. Feel free to copy/paste and tweak!

Valentine’s Day texts for the beauty and hairdressing industry

Today, all you need is love (and great-looking skin!) Happy Valentine's Day, [Name]. ❤️

To a beautiful woman this Valentine's Day... we are your greatest admirer! Pop into the salon today for some sweet treats.

We couldn't imagine spending Valentine's Day without telling you this... You're a cut above the rest, [Name]! 💇

You're the highlight of our day, [Name]. We wish you a special Valentine's Day (and beautiful hair forever).

[Name], you colour our world! Wishing an amazing woman a Valentine's Day filled with love.

Example Valentine's Day text from hairdressing salon

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Healthcare-themed Valentine’s Day marketing messages – just what the doctor ordered!

However you intend to celebrate Valentine's Day, show yourself some love. Our latest blog has plenty of self-care tips! [URL]

Valentine's Day leaves us thinking... That LOVE is the best medicine, [Name]. ❤️ We hope you have a special day. From all at [Clinic Name].

Hey [Name], we think you're 'tooth cute'! 🦷 So don't go eating TOO much candy... Happy Valentine's Day from [Dentist].

Some tasteful Valentine’s Day message ideas for the food and hospitality industry

'Tortellini' in love? Celebrate with a 3-course meal for 2 at [Italian Restaurant]! Book a table today to get a FREE glass of bubbly on arrival: [URL]

The best way to win someone's heart is through the stomach! Bring your sweetest Valentine along to [Restaurant] for good food and good wine. Book now: [URL]

Nothing quite sets the mood for a little romance than an indulgent spa break for 2. Book now for Valentine's Day and get 10% off your stay: [URL]

Sincere Valentine’s sentiments from retail and e-commerce businesses

We want to be your forever friend, [Name]! Here's a little something to say thank you – free shipping throughout Feb. Valentine's Day wishes from [Store Name].

Stuck for soul mate gift ideas this Valentine's Day? 💝 Here are our top 10 gifts for that one and only person in your life: [URL]

If you're after Valentine's gifts for your best friend, a very special kid, your spouse or any other special person in your life, you'll LOVE these: [URL]

Fun yet safe Valentine’s text messages for financial services

Valentine's Day is all about showing you care (but you don't have to break the bank to do it). Here are 5 financial tips to help you prepare! [URL]

Thanks for trusting us with your financial health, [Name]. Now it's our turn to make you feel special! Claim a box of free chocolates here. [URL]

The best Valentine's Day messages any business can use

Hi [Name], it's the perfect day to tell you that you're the HEART of our business. Thank you for your custom, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for being such a great customer, [Name]. We wouldn't be where we are without you. You're our forever Valentine!

Roses are red 🌹; violets are blue; it's about time we said how much we love you! Here's how [Company Name] is rewarding you this year: [URL]

Example Valentine's Day business text message

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Show customers you care with a Happy Valentine's Day text

Whether it's a token of appreciation, Valentine's Day gift inspiration or even tips on making the most of the celebration, a thoughtful Valentine’s SMS message to customers is a quick and effective way to show you care. It's a great alternative to the traditional Valentine's Day card (which is typically better suited to personal messages of love).

A word of advice – strike the right tone with your audience. This is one type of communication where you can often get away with being witty or informal. Feel free to sprinkle an emoji or two across your Valentine's Day text messages. But if you serve a professional, formal crowd, keep your message polite (but not stuffy). As long as your message is authentic and true to your brand's tone of voice, you shouldn't go far wrong.

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