SMS is a high-impact marketing channel that can drive bookings and sales for your service-based beauty business. In this article, discover the benefits of text for salons or spas and see examples of how SMS can be used for promotional and transactional communications.

Text message marketing is the perfect way to engage existing and potential customers. Beauty salon text messages can improve customer service and support customer satisfaction. For instance, sending text message reminders for appointments (or appointment confirmations) is an effective way to ensure salon customers never miss an appointment.

You can also use SMS marketing to encourage customers to re-book after time has passed. In this guide, we will explore the possibilities of business text messaging for your salon. Beauty salons failing to leverage SMS messaging and text marketing are missing a trick. You can use salon SMS business texting to prevent missed appointments and keep customers engaged.

Let's take a closer look at how your business can use text message marketing.

Why use text for your beauty salon or spa?

Women in beauty salon

SMS is the most direct way to reach the majority of people. To illustrate, there are 5.27 billion unique mobile phone users globally and a much smaller amount (around 4 billion) of email users. In America alone, 97% of people own a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving texts.

According to Gartner, no other messaging medium compares to SMS for reach – and its open and response rates (98% and 45% respectively) are equally as impressive.

Texts grab attention – making them perfect for promoting beauty treatments, sending out booking confirmations and appointment reminders – and for filling last-minute cancellations. And, if you have two-way SMS set up, building engagement becomes a lot easier. Clients can potentially ask questions, rearrange their appointment, share photos and more.

Text message marketing is one of the most underutilized channels available to small businesses. Despite the maturity of text messaging as a medium, it's relatively unsaturated. Many business owners do not have a salon SMS strategy in place. This is about far more than being able to text salon updates or beauty tips to customers.

Ways to use text for your salon – plus templates to copy

Text communications broadly fall into two main categories – promotional texts and transactional texts.

Promotional text campaigns

Promotional texts are all about marketing your salon or spa’s services and treatments. Take a look at these examples, plus templates to help you get started:

1. Special offers on beauty treatments

Special offers, such as discounts or incentives, are a great way to get more bookings and increase client loyalty. A good strategy is to offer first-time clients a ‘welcome’ discount to get their foot in the door. Or run a time-limited offer on treatments that warrant another booking a few weeks later, for instance, nail extensions or lash lifts.


Love luscious lashes [Name]? Don’t miss out on half-price lash lifts from 4-8 Oct! Limited slots available. Book now to avoid disappointment! [URL]

Beauty salon text marketing offer example

2. New product launch

As you’ll know, selling beauty products within your salon or spa is an easy way to make extra profits. Analyse your client base to identify and target those who’ve had treatments where you can cross-sell relevant products. For example, middle-aged clients who frequently book in for a facial may appreciate a new anti-ageing eye cream product.


Hi [Name], we’re now stocking [Product] in the salon. It’s a must-have eye cream for anti-ageing! Use code 1046 to get 10% off a six month supply. [URL]

3. Loyalty club texts

It’s just as essential to retain clients as it is to attract new ones. Starting a text club can help you build brand loyalty and keep clients coming back. You could offer birthday treats, a discount for every fourth treatment, or VIP invites to special events.


Hi [Name], it’s your birthday soon! To thank you for being a valued client, we’re giving you 20% off your next treatment. Show this code in the salon: VIP20.

4. Review requests

To continually improve the experience in your salon or spa, you’ll need to know what’s working and what’s not. Send out a text with a survey link after every treatment. Using the right app, you could even automate this process to save time.


Hi [Name], we hope you enjoyed visiting [Spa name] on [Date]. Please fill in this quick survey so we can make sure your next visit is even better! [URL]

5. Fill cancellations

No shows and last-minute cancellations affect your bottom line. Because SMS is sent virtually instantly – and they grab attention – it’s the ideal channel for filling cancelled slots and keeping money coming in.


Just had a cancellation for nail extensions tomorrow 9.15am. Want the slot [Name]? Usually $50, but can reduce to $40. Call [Number] to book.

Transactional texts

A transactional communication is one that’s business-critical. Without this type of message, you’d struggle to do business. However, transactional texts can also contribute to your marketing strategy and help to reinforce brand awareness. See these examples:

1. Booking confirmations

Thanks for booking our Deluxe Top to Toe package on [Date]. Please arrive at [Time] where you will be welcomed with a glass of Champagne.

2. Appointment reminders

Calendar with red pins on it

Hi [Name], we’re looking forward to seeing you for your Deluxe Top to Toe treatment on [Date] at [Time]. Please head to reception for Champagne on arrival.

3. Covid-19-related messages

Hi [Name], so sorry but we need to cancel your treatment on [Date]. Your therapist is isolating due to Covid-19. Click here to rebook: [URL]

Beauty salon text notification example

Choosing the best text provider for your salon

To use text for your salon, you’ll need to choose an SMS provider – a platform that connects your business to mobile networks. To ensure your text campaigns run smoothly, be sure your chosen provider can deliver the following:

  • Integration with CRM systems – as a service-based beauty business, you’ll probably be using an online booking system. By integrating SMS into your application, you’ll be able to automate certain texts like booking confirmations, appointment reminders and review requests, saving you time.

  • Excellent message reliability – while it’s inevitable that some texts will go undelivered from time to time due to incorrect numbers or mobile network failures, it’s imperative that your SMS provider is reliable and offers a high rate of deliverability.

  • Scalable solution – as your client base grows, so will your text campaigns. Therefore, your SMS solution must be able to scale to handle high volumes of messages.

  • Great user experience – to send out texts quickly and effortlessly, the platform you use should be user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Top-quality support – if problems arise, you’ll want to know that they’ll be sorted fast. Be sure your provider offers a range of support options – including being able to speak to a real person.

  • Free trial – it’s essential to test out an SMS provider before you commit to paying for the service.

You need access to an SMS platform that enables you to send SMS messages to encourage customers to confirm their bookings - and most importantly, show up on time. If you need a direct channel of communication to reach customers and boost sales, you need the right text messaging solution in your corner.

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