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Error Codes

A list of error codes that should be handled during integration.

HTTP Error Codes

Code Meaning
ERROR 101 Access is restricted, wrong credentials. Check the username and password values.
ERROR 102 Parameters are wrong or missing. Check that all the required parameters are present.
ERROR 103 Invalid IP address. The IP address you made the request from, is not in the API settings whitelist.
ERROR 104 Country was not found
ERROR 105 This country is not supported
ERROR 106 Invalid format provided - only json or xml is allowed
ERROR 107 Could not find the message with sms_unique_id
ERROR 108 Number is in blacklist.
ERROR 111 Sender parameter "from" is invalid. You have not activated this sender name on
FAILED 102 No Delivery report yet, try again later.
FAILED 209 Server failure, try again after a few seconds or try the backup server.

Asynchronous Delivery Request "err" Values

Err Code Description
000 No error
001 General fatal error
002 Sending the SMS expired in 6 hours
003 Invalid number
004 ERROR crediting the Account
005 Could not determine the destination Country
006 Too may identical messages sent to the same number, blocked for 30 minutes
007 Sender name not allowed
General temporary error