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How to Increase Sales with SMS Marketing

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SMS continues to enjoy high open and engagement rates. SMS marketing can add value to a customer's journey and boost satisfaction rates. If you're not using SMS marketing for your lead generation and sales funnel, you may be losing up to 47% potential customers.

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According to the Pew Research Center, over 95% of smartphone owners text often. Campaign Monitor reports that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, with a 90-second average response time. Here are eight ways how you can use SMS marketing to boost your sales and revenues.

Provide Value with Exclusive Offers

Sales training NYC courses teach sales professionals how to create value to increase their conversions. Sending an SMS message alone isn't enough to increase your sales. To see results, recipients must obviously see value in your message. To improve customer engagement and to drive action, you can provide exclusive offers to new and existing customers.

For example, you can create coupons and offers for your list of SMS recipients. You may also send exclusive offers based on past customer behaviour or purchases. Some SMS examples of exclusive offers include:

  1. Save 10% this weekend by using the code "SMS" at checkout.
  2. Get a free manicure when you style your hair with us.
  3. Receive a 20% discount if you show this text message.

Run Time-Limited Promotions

Exclusive offers may run for long periods, but sometimes you want customers to take quick action for a short time. SMS marketing can be a useful tool in providing customers with incentives to take action on a limited-time offer.

According to Statista, 92% of shoppers use a discount code at least once a year. If you want to increase sales with an SMS promotion, consider offering something with time-limited value. Holidays are a great chance to increase sales in a short period of time.

Since other companies may take advantage of holiday seasons with SMS promotions, it's important for your message to stand out. Keep your SMS alerts brief and focused, and avoid cluttering recipients' inboxes. Here's an example of a time-limited promotional SMS:

Receive DISCOUNTS on delicious VALENTINE'S DAY DINNER specials. Text "LOVE" to 12345 and get a free glass of wine with your next dinner reservation!

Create Alerts for Upcoming Sales

An alert ensures people who are likely to buy can prepare to purchase during the sale period. Sales and discounts attract buyers keen on getting value for money or negotiating prices. You can send a text blast alerting your recipients about an upcoming sale. A sale alert SMS example is:

SALE! 25% off on selected training programs next week, starting Monday from 10 am. Use this link to view our course options online:

Collect Feedback

Feedback allows you to improve your products and create accurate buyer personas. By knowing your customers and their wants better, you can improve your offers and SMS marketing strategies to negotiate better sales. Survey questions could be closed or open-ended:

  1. How do you rate our services on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent)?
  2. How can we improve our service?

Use Prompts for Personalized Messaging

Do you collect personal data about your customers? If yes, then you can send personalized messages at appropriate times. For example, you can send birthday and anniversary congratulatory messages. You can tempt the customer with offers related to their special occasions. For example:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We noticed your birthday is coming up next week. Treat yourself to a free set of luxury balloons with every purchase of a birthday cake. Choose from 6 flavours. ORDER TODAY!

Upsell Relevant Products

Upsells can be tough, especially if you lack strong negotiation training skills. You can upsell easier by following up with buyers with relevant suggestions. Once a customer buys a product, make recommendations for future products complementing what they already bought. You can match purchases with potential products the customer might have an interest in. For instance:

Would you like to protect your new mattress from stains and dust mites? Get 10% off on BRANDNAME mattress covers with free shipping.

Send Timely Reminders

Do you offer bookings, reservations, and appointments? A no-show can negatively affect your sales numbers. Also, you might end up turning down other customers because you're already booked. Reduce the chances of no-shows by sending alerts and reminders through SMS. A reminder alert could look like:

We are excited to host your party of 4 at 6 pm on Saturday! Please let us know of any special needs or whether you need to reschedule.

Encourage Testimonials and Reviews

Positive testimonials and reviews can drive more business and boost brand loyalty. According to Conversion Sciences, over 80% of buyers say positive reviews would encourage them to buy a product. You can use SMS messaging to ask customers who have bought your products to leave a review. Send a message like:

Thank you for your recent purchase. We hope you love it. Would you consider posting an online review? If yes, go to and share your thoughts about our service. 


SMS is a versatile tool. It can be used for many business cases, and sales is one of them. Hopefully, these tips help you to take your sales to the next level.

Simon Beaufort
2020-04-28 00:00:00 UTC