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How to Use SMS to Complement Your Marketing Campaigns

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Businesses around the world are continually looking for ways to advertise their products and services. This often implies finding new ways of reaching out to their potential clientele. We’ve all tried email marketing, blogging, creating different kinds of content, but not everyone really considers SMS.

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Let’s think about it: when you receive a text, your first thought would be to open it and read its contents, it’s almost an instinct. It’s also safe to say that we don’t always do that with our email messages. Also, blog posts are often easy to ignore, especially if our customers aren’t really passionate about their topic.

However, an SMS is not as easy to ignore – and let’s face it, everyone texts these days. The moment we hear our phones ringing, we immediately reach for them. In this article, we’d like to show you that SMS marketing is an excellent way of amassing a dedicated and engaged client base, which can also complement your marketing campaigns.  

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of SMS marketing, here are a few reasons why you might want to integrate it into your marketing mix.

It Plays Well with Other Marketing Channels

While SMS marketing is an insanely powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t overuse it, as this may frustrate potential and existing customers, eventually dissuading them from using your services.

You can send out essential and urgent messages via SMS while leaving non-urgent stuff like newsletters and product updates for channels such as email or social media.

Similarly, you can always combine various channels for added effect. Say you’re starting a new promotion. You could always announce it via email or social media, while you could offer coupons and last-minute discounts via SMS marketing.

SMS and Loyalty

SMS is a fantastic tool to build a loyal customer base. To send out text messages advertising your products or services, you have to first receive a recipient’s phone number, along with other personal information. This implies that they’ve entrusted you with this data.

Respectively, this will allow you to personalise all the messages you send, both in terms of the customers’ names and their products of interest. In effect, you’ll have a robust mechanism in place, designed for building trust.

It’s Immediate

When it comes to planning, SMS campaigns are much more straightforward, as opposed to other marketing channels. There’s no design you have to invest time into, and the copy is typically pretty concise. More importantly, the messages get delivered immediately.

Plus, the instant you send it, your client will receive and take notice of it. As a result, not only will this save your time, but you’ll likely have 90% of your messages read within 3 minutes. You’re guaranteed to see instant results.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

Ensuring that your business is mobile-friendly is no longer something that you should leave for later. It’s here, it’s now – and it’s certainly not going anywhere. Around 65% of the people in the US own a smartphone, and 89% of the consumers use their phones to do their shopping. This means that people are using their phones for almost everything that matters.

Luckily, pretty much every phone out there can receive text messages, whether it’s a smartphone or a flip phone, you won’t have to worry about alienating some of your potential clients (e.g., those that rarely use their email app or social media platforms).

It’s Inclusive

Text message marketing is a very accessible and straightforward way to get your message across. We can never be confident that our target audience is tech-savvy or proficient enough to use social media chatbots or social media in general. SMS marketing is much more inclusive than most other marketing channels.

It’s Eco-Friendly

This might not be on top of everybody’s list, but by using SMS instead of other marketing channels, you actually help the environment. For example, direct mail or other more traditional marketing channels demand paper – and even fuel for transportation, making them somewhat detrimental to the environment.

Text message marketing is both eco-friendly and highly efficient, considering that it’s a carbon-free method of sending your message across.

It’s Personal

The more you connect with your client base, the more likely they are to use your products or services. That being said, it’s rather difficult to communicate with them when their mail folders are packed with junk and spam, and every blog post features lots of ads. Since SMS seems more special, your customer base will instantly feel much closer to you.  

Tips to Leverage the SMS Marketing Power

Now you know how SMS marketing will help you – but how do you reap the most out of it? Since not every SMS marketing campaign is equal to the other, we need to look at how a business can maximise its success with text message marketing.

Create a Team

It’s safe to say that SMS marketing can be done by a single person, but to increase its effect, you need a strong team. You’ll likely need a marketing program expert, on-location signage coordinators, retail experts, social media experts, and so on.

A team of experts can guide you through the process and calibrate your campaign, in accordance with your needs and expectations. Copywriting for SMS marketing campaigns can be complicated. There are now many tools and services like Grammarly, and Hemingway that can help you create more appealing marketing copies.

Know Your Customers

For your SMS marketing strategy to be successful, you will have to send the right message to the right category of customers. Analyze location-based demographics and purchase history and use that information to send the right message to your potential clientele.

Write Clear Messages

You have a total of 160 characters that you need to use to express yourself efficiently. If you can, you may even do it in less. We’re living in the Attention Economy; people aren't really into reading long messages.

Tell them exactly what they need to know – and don't leave anything of importance out. Use the most appropriate language to awaken their sense of urgency.

Use Call-to-Actions

Call-to-actions have a particular way of stimulating people into taking action. CTA’s are essential in all marketing channels, and using them will considerably impact your response rates.

Get the Timing Right

Nowadays, timing is everything. Without proper timing, you might miss out on an excellent opportunity. Since SMS is all about immediacy, you really want to think your timing through, especially if your recipients are distributed in several time zones.  

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing is here, and it’s here to stay. It’s time that you make peace with this fact, accept it, and learn how to use it. If you do a good job, you will notice a significant increase in your sales – and all you had to do was to send a couple of texts.

Kristin Savage
2019-10-09 00:00:00 UTC