Support is the foundation of good software products and SMS APIs. It needs to be timely, easily accessible and thorough so minor issues don’t grow into major ones. Good support is especially crucial for a growing company where the use-case evolves, and new and unforeseeable issues may pop up. And they always pop up as systems and processes become more complicated around us. 

How personalised support works? 

While support can end up becoming a contest to see how many tickets can be closed in a day, we at Messente think that there should be a different mentality when it comes to solving problems and supporting clients’ businesses. The easiest way to show you how personalized support works is to use ourselves as an example. 

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First, everyone gets a real person to call. Since Messente focuses on delivering business-critical messages that have a significant impact when undelivered, every single support case is treated with urgency and importance. Whether it’s for delayed or undelivered messages, feature functionality, or account set-up, they all are treated the same. 

Be it banking PIN-codes, courier delivery notifications, or appointment reminders, issues must be resolved ASAP, and the quickest way is to call your account manager who can investigate the matter or bring it directly to the right person. This also means that there is a history of previous issues or support cases with that account manager. He can recall them and draw upon that knowledge to offer solutions to bigger issues that can only be seen if the entire use-case history is explained. 

The importance of a dedicated support manager 

There’s also another level of thoroughness that comes with having a dedicated support manager as a business relationship develops between the customer and the manager. A person dedicated to an account can champion tools or upgrades in the development phase to protect their customer's interests as well as inform about key developments that are important to a client ahead of time. 

As a backup, we have a general support email and live chat on our website, just in case the account managers are catching up on their sleep. 

No additional costs 

Support comes in one form: complete and at no additional cost. Since nearly every client sends business-critical messages, the need for strong frontline support always exists. Customers typically can’t wait twenty-four hours for someone to reply to their email, so tiered support simply doesn’t make sense. 

Timely support is essential for providing high-quality service for critical business cases. We consider this as one of the most important parts of our service. It’s a transparent way of finding solutions to any problems with the help of one trusted point of contact. Even if this point of contact is on vacation, the account is handed over with care to another manager for the duration of the vacation. The most important notes and key aspects pertaining to the customer are handed over as well so that if any issues pop up, the same level of support remains. 

We don’t see the need for charging for the service though, as our goal is to be as close to the client as possible - an integral business partner. Since the use-cases we deal with rarely vary in their importance, having higher-level support locked behind a paywall would keep smaller companies from utilizing the service to its full potential in supporting their growth. 

Supporting the client’s business 

Our focus on delivering crucial messages for our clients means that we need to provide a service that matches their needs – both in service quality and delivery. Also, since we’re a part of a business process, finding the best solutions in a timely manner supports their businesses. Having a personal account manager that helps when needed as a part of the service we provide is the best way to go.