6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Short Message Service or SMS service is the oldest mobile messaging service, available since 1992. Even though numerous other online messaging systems have appeared over the years, SMS is still quite popular, and it's also being used as a direct marketing component, better known as SMS marketing.

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If you’re running a small business and you’re thinking about approaching consumers via promotional SMS texts, you should know that this is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your consumers.

Ask people to opt-in

It's not polite (or even legal) to message people who didn't give you their permission to contact them, no matter if they're already your regular consumers or not. Invasive marketing doesn't help to build trust and asking for permission to send occasional SMS can only show how much you care about consumer privacy. 

Statistics show that SMS provides a 97 percent open rate, but most importantly, 83 percent of consumers take action after reading. However, these statistics are valid only for those recipients that have opted-in. Therefore it’s important to focus your attention to those who would be most willing to receive SMS from your brand.

Construct quality textual content

If you’re not feeling comfortable with writing, it’s not a bad idea to give this to someone who’s already well-versed in creating promotional content. However, if you're a one-person team, here are a few pointers for a quality SMS:

  • Start with your business name

  • Use a Call to Action button if needed

  • Make it simple, don’t use complex terms, abbreviations, or acronyms that will make the text difficult to understand.

  • Use caps only for terms you wish to point out, but don’t overdo it.

  • Be specific. If you’re announcing a sale, make sure to point out what categories of articles are on sale and the amount of discount. If you’re announcing an event, make sure to give all details on that event and include a link to a video explainer.

Make your SMS promotions exclusive

Make sure that each text you send to your consumers is promoting an offer that's not available on other mediums, otherwise, you're just spamming your recipients. It would be even a better idea to let the users know that if they opt-in for your SMS service, they will receive offers that are not available otherwise. This way your consumers will read your SMS messages more willingly and you’ll get a higher chance for conversion and sales.

Time your SMS properly

Make sure you deliver your announcements shortly before they are scheduled. For example, if you’re planning a big sale, send out that info to your consumers the evening before. Also, avoid texting late in the evening, because you don't want to disturb your clients. Also, if you're planning an evening event, you can announce it the morning on the day of that particular event, just don't wake everyone up at 5 AM.

Avoid spamming

Sending out regular info and announcements that bring value to your consumers can easily turn into spamming their inbox. This is why you should consider the most appropriate time-frame for contacting your consumers. According to marketing experts, each industry has its frequency of sending out SMS messages. You could contact an SMS service provider and let them help you make the right choice. 

Check the results of your campaign

As you’re implementing your SMS messaging campaign it’s a smart strategy to analyse the performance of SMS you send. Take notice of click-through rates, open rates, and other statistics that could help you improve the overall results of your campaign.

Compare the results of different messages and how they contribute to achieving your goals. If you notice a pattern that shows good results, try to infuse the same elements with every future text.


It's been almost 30 years since the first SMS was sent and short textual messages keep on circling the globe. Other forms of communication require internet service, installing special apps, and other activities that many users are not comfortable with. 

SMS service uses a native app that every mobile device has already built in. We hope these short tips will help you create and implement a perfect SMS marketing strategy that will help you increase conversion and scale your business revenue.  

Justin Osborne
2019-12-10 00:00:00 UTC