We live in a world awash with information. Content hits us from every angle – emails, social media notifications, streaming services, news headlines and more. It's often said that people's attention spans are shrinking because of the sheer amount of information fired at us each day. But research suggests that we actually just ignore the stuff we're not interested in.

How then, can businesses fight against the flood of constant content and make customers sit up and take notice of what they have to say?

A professional text message can break through the clutter – as long it resonates with recipients. This article explains how to grab attention with impactful professional text messages and includes examples to help you get started when sending bulk SMS. You'll also find plenty of business texting tips and best practices to ensure success.

What is a professional text message?

A traditional text message is only 160 characters long and is frequently used for personal communication between friends, family and couples. Personal text message chats are informal, private and intimate. On the other hand, professional texts come from a business and relate to its products, services, mission or news.

As a business tapping into the personal nature of SMS, it's important to strike the right balance in terms of tone and content so that you don't overstep any boundaries with recipients.

When is business texting appropriate?

Because SMS has impressive open rates, it's tempting to use this channel all the time for various communications. But that's a mistake that'll lead to subscribers opting out faster than you can blink. (No one wants their SMS inbox invaded by a flurry of commercial texts, even if they find the business's products or services desirable.)

Professional text messages should be used wisely. They're best sent only when you have something urgent to communicate or when the customer/recipient would benefit from a quick update. In other words, don't get carried away! Use different channels for content that isn't time-sensitive.

Concept of too many SMS messages

How to write a professional text message

There are several things to remember when writing a professional text message to ensure it hits the right mark. Here are some important rules to follow for proper business texting etiquette.

Professional texting DOS:

  • DO keep texts short. Brief messages are easier to digest, plus they'll count as more than one text if your content exceeds the character limit.

  • DO be specific. Use pithy language to get your point across and include a call-to-action to tell recipients what action they should take after reading.

  • DO check whether SMS is the right channel. If your message isn't urgent or warrants an in-depth explanation, consider using email or social media instead.

Professional texting DON'TS:

  • DON'T use abbreviations or slang. While younger generations might be perfectly okay with LOL, SUP or TTFN, some other audiences won't appreciate it.

  • DON'T text people who haven't opted in. It's a legal requirement to obtain permission from every subscriber if you want to send messages that are marketing related.

  • DON'T text too often. Use business text messaging sparingly, especially for promotional content. Monitor your opt-out rates after each campaign. If you notice a spike after so many campaigns, lower the frequency.

Professional text message examples

The examples below convey what a professional text message should look like in terms of tone, language and length.

Marketing and promotions text message templates:

Save BIG with our Black Friday Sale! Get 40% off electronics this Friday only. Browse all products online: [URL] [Business Name].

Hey [Name], we miss you! Can we tempt you back with a 10% discount? Enter SAVE at checkout -valid till [Date]. View our bestselling products: [URL]

Professional text examples for sales messages:

Hi [Name], thanks for your enquiry. Can we arrange a 10-min video call so we can demonstrate the benefits of [Product]? What date/time is good for you?

Hope you enjoyed taking [Vehicle] out for a test drive today! I'll call on [Date] at [Time] once you've had chance to consider financing options.

Professional text message templates for recruiters:

Hi [Name], we have a new job opportunity that matches your skills and salary preferences. Please call us on [Number]. [Business Name].

Thanks for submitting your CV online. Please also upload your ID documents for verification. Then we’ll start hunting for your perfect job! [Business Name].

Recruitment professional text message example

Confirmation text message examples:

Thanks for purchasing [Product Name] from us! Your order ref is [Number]. We'll let you know when your order is on its way. [Store Name].

Hi [Name], we're pleased to confirm your dentist appointment on [Date] at [Time]. Not convenient? Call [Number] to rearrange. [Business Name].

Professional messages for staff communication:

Hi [Team]. A reminder that the next sales meeting is in the boardroom on Friday at 9.30am. You'll have 10 mins each to present your sales results. [Name].

Important! The office will be closed on [Date] to allow urgent electrical work to be carried out. All staff need to work remotely on this day. [Name].

Banking and financial services professional text examples:

Dear [Name], a payment of [Amount] has been paid from your account. If you didn't authorise this transaction, please call our Fraud Dept. urgently. [Bank Name].

Hi [Name], thanks for submitting your loan application. It can take 3-5 working days to process. We'll let you know the outcome asap. [Loan Provider].

Finance professional text message example

How to send a professional text message

Sending professional text messages is simple when you use an SMS software provider like Messente. Our SMS API allows you to create, preview, send and schedule personalised text messaging campaigns in more than 190 countries. (We have partnerships with over 800 mobile networks.)

We support bulk texting, so you can send a single text to hundreds or thousands of subscribers simultaneously. And you can use the same API for sending messages on other communication channels, like Viber and WhatsApp. Messente can be used via our online platform or by integrating our API into your CRM system.

Getting professional text messages right

Business text messages can make an impact in ways other channels can't, especially as SMS technology is continually evolving.

But whether you want to send text message marketing or transactional communications, you should follow business texting etiquette so you don't overwhelm or annoy your customers. Consider your message's tone, language, frequency and purpose before you hit 'send'.

Professional text messages should really only be used for urgent or time-sensitive information where there's a clear benefit for the recipient. Appointment reminders, order confirmations, service updates and time-limited special promotions are examples of SMS communication that works.

Ready to start texting for business? Try Messente for free today.