Inbound Messages

Handling inbound SMS for two-way communication

The easiest way to use Omnichannel API is with our official libraries. Libraries will take care of authentication, request validation and response handling.

Inbound Message Callback

Messente makes a HTTP POST request with JSON content to configured Inbound Number Callback URL with following request parameters:

  • msg_id
  • sub_msg_id
  • channel
  • recipient
  • time
  • text
  • sender
Example request:
Content-Type: application/json
X-Messente-Signature: 9a398f4a9ce4f96077e70b65d208420640aabb158c224bd0f29391d673ba6b3d

    "msg_id": "1f5197ec-b4d7-4d5f-8bba-e005d1cadba1",
    "sub_msg_id": "d276e75e-e9f5-4b44-88aa-d5c7b38a1e4a",
    "channel": "sms",
    "recipient": "1234",
    "time": "2021-02-23T14:51:13.000000Z",
    "text": "This is a test message content",
    "sender": "+44000000000"

Validating the request authenticy

Messente provides every request with signature calculated using HMAC. The signature is calculated using the Shared Secret, available in the Inbound Numbers section of the Developers view.

Calculated signature is provided in the HTTP headers called X-Messente-Signature .

Signature calculation formula: 
HMAC_SHA256("$shared_secret", "$http_request_body")