Sending someone a happy birthday text message is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to express that you're thinking of them. For these reasons, some people now choose to send birthday text messages in place of traditional birthday cards.

It only takes a minute or two to compose and send a happy birthday text – and such a simple gesture can really make your recipient's day.

To inspire you, we've drafted 33 happy birthday text message examples you can steal whether you're texting a friend, family member, business customer or employee. But first…

How to send birthday text messages

If you're texting person-to-person, as you would be with friends, relatives and acquaintances, you'll just send them directly from your personal mobile device. However, if you're sending birthday messages on behalf of your business, you need to treat them a bit differently.

Happy birthday text messages should be incorporated into your marketing and communications strategy because they can boost loyalty and engagement.

Therefore, it's best to use an SMS messaging platform that can integrate into your CRM (or other business) system – so you can identify when customer or employee birthdays are due and track the performance of your SMS campaigns.

Person-to-person happy birthday wishes

Here are some personal happy birthday text message examples for when you're texting people you know:

Happy birthday text messages to close friends

1. Happy birthday to the best friend in the world. Enjoy your special day!

2. A special person like you deserves the best birthday ever. Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday, my special friend. Here's to another year of friendship, joy and laughter.

4. Birthdays come around once a year, but best friends like us find each other once in a lifetime. Happy birthday!

5. Wishing my extraordinary friend a wonderful day. May you get spoilt rotten!

6. Wishing an amazing person the sweetest birthday. Looking forward to your birthday party tonight!

7. Warm wishes on your birthday. You are a true friend and a special person.

Happy birthday wishes for people you know (but not that well)

8. A little birdie told me it's someone's birthday... Celebrate in style, and best wishes for the coming year!

9. Happy birthday [Name]! A year older, a year wiser. Have a fun day!

10. Wishing you a wonderful birthday however you're celebrating!

11. Happy birthday! Here's to many more rotations around the sun.

12. Hi [Name]! Wishing you the best birthday ever, and health and happiness for the year ahead.

13. Have a wonderful birthday [Name]! Hope you're celebrating in a special way today.

Happy birthday text messages for family members

14. Happy birthday to the greatest Dad. You'll be my role model and hero my whole life.

15. Happy birthday, Mom! I'm so thankful for you and everything you've done for me over the years.

16. Happy birthday to my favourite brother! This text message is proof that I didn't forget!

17. Wishing my lovely sister the sweetest birthday. You’re my best friend, my confidante and my partner in crime!

Funny happy birthday text messages

18. As Aaliyah once sang, "Age ain't nothing but a number!" Have a great birthday!

19. Happy birthday – and don't worry, I'll call the fire brigade should your birthday cake candles get out of control!

20. Another year older... How did you make it this far?! Happy birthday!

21. Happy birthday! Remember, age is simply the number of years the world has been blessed with your presence!

22. You know what they say... it's better to be over the hill than under it! Happy birthday!

23. 31,536,000 seconds have passed since your last birthday. With this newfound knowledge, enjoy your special day!

Graphic of funny birthday text message

Happy birthday texts from businesses

When you're texting on behalf of your business, getting the tone right is essential. To be on the safe side, opt for somewhere between professional and warm. Here are some examples:

Happy birthday wishes for customers or clients

24. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May the year ahead with filled with prosperity, health and joy!

25. Happy birthday [Name]! Here's a special gift just for you – 15% off any product in our online store with code HAPPY: [URL]

26. Happy birthday! We hope your celebration will be as awesome as you have been to our business. We're truly thankful for your custom.

27. As one of our most valued clients, you're in our thoughts today. Happy birthday!

28. Happy birthday! Wishing you lots of opportunities, success and happiness for the coming year.

Happy birthday texts for employees, co-workers or the boss

29. Happy birthday to you, my amazing colleague. Because of you, I love coming to work every single day!

30. Happy birthday [Name]! Our department is lucky to have you leading the way. You're an inspiration to so many.

31. Happy birthday to the most supportive and inspiring boss I've ever had. It's a joy working with you.

32. Thanks for all your hard work this year [Name]; it never goes unnoticed. Have a very happy birthday with your loved ones.

33. Happy birthday [Name]! You are dedicated, loyal, trustworthy and hardworking. You deserve the perfect day.

Happy birthday text messages for the people you care about

Whether you want to wish a friend, relative, colleague or customer happy birthday, a text message can make them feel special. A birthday text is quick and easy to send – and cost-effective compared to a birthday card – which according to research from the Greeting Card Association, can vary from 50 cents to $10 plus.

Happy Birthday text message displayed on mobile phone screen

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