The Best SMS Marketing Examples for Inspiration 

 BONUS MATERIAL: The Psychology of SMS Marketing

If you are ready to build your new SMS marketing campaign for 2020, here is your chance to make it one of the best. Social media reports and countless research studies across cultures have taught us that authenticity is the new hook to get people into your type of trend.

If you are not able to be super-duper exquisite this year – whether it’s SMS marketing or ad implementation – you will not be able to sell as well as before. That is because customers’ mindset has grown and so have their expectations.

According to relevant statistics, more than 48 million people around the world will choose the SMS option this year, which is an increase of about 23% from 2016, writes ManyChat. So, brace yourselves because the era of texts is back.  

The IKEA Style

One of the best methods to receive people’s contact details is by using IKEA’s SMS strategy model. What this company does is ask for people’s zip codes – ehm, demographics – and promise to send you the best deals. They also promise to not spam you and let customers know that these offers will all be included in four messages sent throughout the month (one per week).

After this process, IKEA asks for your email address and adds your details to their contact list. Pretty easy and simple, right? Right. And it works. Connecting SMS and email (business and casual) together keeps people in a semi-comfortable zone of acceptance yet an awareness zone of purchasing mindset that could help you out greatly in the long run. Let them work together to bring out the best in people (and your brand!). 

Your Local Therapist Model

However, keeping your texts promotional is not the only way in which you could hook customers into buying your products and/or services. Your Local Therapist Model features a combination of funny reminders and appointment confirmations, facts that help customers get a better gist of what your company is all about.

Within this message, make sure you include the date and time of your next event (or their appointment details if necessary), the location, and some form of method in which they could contact you. You should also leave them the option to cancel or postpone at any time, so make sure this is included in your code as well. Choose to send this 24h prior to your event or their schedule meeting.

The Personalized News

As I mentioned before, getting crazy (good crazy!) and thinking outside the box are the only methods in which you could outrun your competition. Thus, another way to stand out is by using the Personalized News method.

You start by addressing your customer by his or her first name, then add a link to your website/social media webpage, or even WhatsApp or Skype (after providing your contact details). This way, recipients will be able to contact your company directly and understand your services in a quicker manner.

More than that, you could offer numerous discounts with this strategy and have them click the link to claim those offers. This is a rather interesting way to keep your customers close and safe while treating them as your close friends and partners. 

The Subway Links

Two of the best techniques that I have noticed within Subway’s SMS marketing campaign are (1) they ask for your location info and (2) they offer a one-time discount, making customers feel special and convincing them to sign up.

An interactive interface is also indicated to be used in this context, such as “Reply Y for YES or N for NO.” After they are in, ask for customers’ zip codes to be able to further customize their experience – how else would you know where you stand in relation to your competition if you don’t even know your clients’ location?

After figuring their locations out and running some automated tests, think about the way in which your discounts will be offered – what offers do you want to make and why? Are you trying to get people a one-time deal to encourage them signing up, or do you want to work on the long-term psychological aspect of their minds?

You must choose a side and then make sure you stick to your strategy. In any case, make sure you are transparent to your target audience and tell them your intentions from the start. 

The Straightforward Jack in the Box

The idea of using SMS marketing to receive discounts, coupons, and benefit from many other offers sounds like a great idea, right? Right – and it is. This is what famous chain fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box uses every single day to attract (a) more traffic to their webpages and (b) more clients to their restaurant.

What they do is simple: they tell customers exactly what to expect, from the very first start. That way, clients will not be surprised if receiving texts from Jack in the Box and the fast-food restaurant can do its job easily and smoothly. They include marketing tactics within their messages and constantly interact with their customers, which is what gets them going. However, honesty is what prevails here. 


These SMS marketing examples for 2020 are just some of the ideas that you could implement this year. You could also try designing your own strategy as you wish – that could also work and bring you numerous advantages. Make sure you stay on top of your marketing vision and get those profits popping!

Justin Osborne
2020-01-23 00:00:00 UTC