Immediate and time critical communication with SMS messages

Business implications also exist. For example, the bottomline is impacted for any company providing appointments and booking services. A missed dentist appointment is missed revenue, but the cost of the doctor still exists. The same applies to hotel booking, as every booked room that is not billed runs a loss to the establishment due to labor costs, maintenance, utility bills, and other related costs incurred for the unoccupied room.

Unattended appointments or missed bookings are rarely malicious. Rather a common mistake of forgetfulness. Whether forgetting the appointment altogether, or forgetting to reschedule due to other priorities, a timely SMS reminder could help avoid the trouble.

SMS is a good tool for critical client communication:

  • Huge volume - In 2013, 6 billion people had access to mobile phones, and thus SMS. More reliable and common than a data connection, meaning a high probability of reaching any customer, anywhere, at any time.

  • Phenomenal read rateSMS boasts a 98% read rate, so not only will people receive the message, they are (very) likely to read it.

  • Quickly consumed - 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 seconds of delivery. This creates the ability to send transactional messages and service related updates (such as outage information) as they happen, limiting customer support requests, and increasing client retention.

  • A great ROI - According to a Pure360 report on SMS marketing, 32 percent of recipients respond to SMS offers. SMS text coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than traditional coupons. Dynmark mentions that 29 percent of SMS marketing recipients click on links in SMS messages, and 47 percent of them make a purchase. That’s nearly a 14 percent conversion rate! Combine that with a low unit price of an SMS message (an average of 1 to 7 cents per SMS,) and you have a tool that is cheap, reaches potential clients, and creates buying customers.

With the unit price of an SMS being so low, a dental office could send about 1500 SMS reminders for the cost of one missed dentist appointment (about 40 euros.) I think that after 1500 SMS reminders, no one would miss a dentist’s appointment --I surely wouldn’t.

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