Tools to avoid breaking the budget with SMS - Part 2

The solution is simple for pre-paid accounts –enable the “low balance warning limit” and set it to whichever account suits your business. Log into the Dashboard on, go to ‘account,’ then ‘contact details,’ and scroll down to find the following field:

Note, this warning does not mean that no more messages will be sent. If you have messages queued, they will still be sent if you have enough credit on the account
This feature can also be used as a fallback if you didn’t use the tools that can help optimize message content. Simply set the balance warning to the amount you would have left if you sent out half of the messages intended and check how many messages have been sent once the warning arrives. This strategy requires quick action though, as our system sends hundreds of messages per second.

Regarding post-pay accounts that have implemented the SMS API, we have created the ‘credits API,’ so that users can send a balance request through it at any time to find out how your budget is doing. You can always check your balance on the dashboard as well on the top right corner, right next to your account name.

Using these simple features can help manage SMS operations better, and avoid disruptions to the service and surprising invoices.

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