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What defines SMS quality & how we do it

Margus Sütt

22 Aug 2017 -

5 min read

Margus Sütt

22 Aug 2017


2 min read

“Quality of an SMS” is a common, but a confusing term, in the A2P messaging industry. Generally, it's believed that an SMS either gets delivered or not. So logically, quality has no relevance. Sure, somewhat true, but it certainly doesn’t describe the entire picture. This leads us to explain SMS quality and why it’s important to understand before discussing costs.

First and foremost, SMS quality is composed of four aspects:

Low Cost vs. High Quality

Different vendors focus on different quality standards. The rule of thumb is that higher SMS quality leads to higher costs. As an SMS vendor, Messente mostly uses direct operator, or so called one-hop connections. Due to a very short chain of delivery channels, it also means that there are less possibilities for errors, meaning high quality.

On the other side, the lower the SMS quality, the lower the cost. Note that lower costs and lower quality are usually correlated to the level of aggregation. Vendors who gather massive amounts of SMS traffic from different providers get better discounts based on volume. However, multiple channels of aggregation and longer routing chains increases the possibility of technical errors, which leads to a lower delivery rate. Lastly, delivery time is increased, tracking errors is nearly impossible, and at times, throughput declines, as delivery channels become shared with multiple senders.

Messente’s Extra Mile

Messente has built a system that doesn’t depend on one channel to deliver SMS messages. Instead, we built an exclusive setup that’s consisted of thoroughly tested routes, which automatically switch whenever an error occurs. If a company sends 50k SMS messages per day to its customers in 10 different countries, it’s likely that a route will have an occasional technical error. To avoid such situations, our system detects an error and will change the route in the system seamlessly, and customers don’t even realize it, as messages simply get delivered.

Service Quality

Last, but not least, while technical capabilities offer highly satisfactory SMS quality, we find it equally important to communicate and be close to our customers to fulfill their business needs. A large portion of the companies we work with are in heavy growth stages, meaning they need a scalable SMS service that can deliver in multiple countries, while adding new markets rapidly. We believe in transparency and helping avoid challenges based on our experience, so our customers can focus on what they do best.

If you are interested in learning more about how we do business and why SMS quality matters, feel free to contact

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Margus Sütt

Key account manager

Margus works as a business analyst at Messente. Identifying new opportunities and going deep into industries Margus consults Messente's key customers to help their businesses to advance.

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