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9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to talk to businesses – and native SMS is the preferred app to do so. This is excellent news for business owners because SMS offers astonishing open and response rates – making it the ideal channel for effective and impactful customer communications. 

In this article, discover the critical components of a business SMS, plus see 75 text message templates to help you get started texting quickly.

To get started with text message marketing, you need the right SMS templates. With access to the best SMS templates, you can take your business texting initiatives to the next level. Fortunately, there is no shortage of business texting templates for you to choose from. 

An SMS template - along with a few best practices - is a game-changer for your SMS marketing initiatives.

Crucial parts of a business SMS

Text messages are very short – only 160 characters. This means you have to get your message across succinctly. Use powerful words, but above all, make sure your message is clear and tells your customer or client what you want them to do. Try to include:

  • The recipient’s name – personalising your text will grab their attention.

  • Straightforward language.

  • A call-to-action (plus a web link or a phone number).

  • Your company name.

Using Messente, you can personalise your text in more ways than just the recipient’s name. For instance, you can tailor your message to mention products or services your customer has purchased or appointment times they’ve booked. Whatever data you hold about your customers, you can pull it through into your text message template with our dynamic ‘tags’ feature.

Business text message templates – general use cases

To kick off our list of 75 text message templates, we’ve started with some general ones covering marketing, sales management, confirmations, reminders, customer service and internal communications, and emergency alerts. Check them out below.

SMS marketing text message templates

1. New product launch

Just arrived in-store! [Product] is the latest addition to our shelves and customers are already raving. Browse online: [URL]

2. Flash sale notification

Black Friday sale poster

Don’t miss our Black Friday sale, [Name]! Get up to 50% off selected products – sale starts Friday and ends on Monday! Hurry while stocks last! [URL]

3. Special offer text

Hi [Name], this week only, we’re running a deal where you can buy one, get one free on all [Product Type]! Don’t miss out - buy online now: [URL]

4. New customer welcome offer

Hey [Name], great to have you on board! Take 10% off your first order with us. Enter code: 10OFF at checkout.

5. Customer retention text

We value your custom [Name]! As a thank you, take 10% off your next order with code 10OFF. Code valid till end Oct.

6. Win-back customer text

Hey [Name], we’ve missed seeing you around! Can we tempt you back with a 15% discount on your next order? Browse our store: [URL]

7. Back in stock text

Guess what [Name]? Our popular [Product] is now back in stock! And it’s selling like hotcakes. Order now before it’s too late! [URL]

8. Price drop text

Remember that [Product] you added to basket recently? It’s now priced at 40% off! There’s never been a better time to buy. See it here: [URL]

Price drop text message template

9. Review request

Hi [Name], how did you like [Product/Service]? Please take 5 mins to leave us a review here. Your feedback helps us improve and grow. [URL]

10. Newsletter sign up

Be the first to know about the latest news, events, deals and discounts from [Company]! Sign up for our monthly email newsletter here. [URL]

11. Cross-sell promotion

Hey there [Name], we noticed you’ve bought [Product 1] recently. Did you know we also sell [Product 2] – it’s the perfect pairing! [URL]

12. Up-sell promotion

Did you know that for just [Price] more per month, you can get access to [Benefit]? Read more about upgrading on our website: [URL]

13. Giveaway text

Hey [Name], we’re giving away 3 x [Products] worth $50 each! For a chance to win, text the word GIVEAWAY to [Shortcode].

14. Grow social media following

For ideas on how to use your new [Product], check out our Instagram page! We post inspirational pics every other day: [URL]

Sales management text message templates

15. Following up after missed phone call

Hi [Name], we called you today to check your life insurance policy still covers your needs. We’ll try again tomorrow or call us back on [Number].

16. Responding to a request for a quote

Thanks for requesting a no-obligation quote [Name]. Our Agent [Name] will be in touch soon with more details.

17. Explaining product/service features and plans

Hey [Name], thanks for asking about our new premium plan. Read this blog which explains the key features so you can check whether it’s right for you. [URL]

Confirmation text message templates

18. Order confirmation

Thank you for your order [Name]. To cancel or amend your order, or to track delivery progress, log into your account here: [URL]

19. Event booking confirmation

Man presenting at a conference

Thanks for booking our online seminar on Thursday at 10am. Instructions on how to join the seminar will be sent by email. See our FAQs here: [URL]

20. Appointment confirmation

Your appointment has been booked for [Time] on [Date]. Please call us at least 48 hours in advance if you need to rearrange. [Number]

Appointment confirmation text message template

21. Delivery confirmation

Great news! Your package ref: [Number] has been delivered. Click here to see photographic proof of delivery. [URL]

22. Information received confirmation

Hi [Name], we have safely received the supporting documentation for your loan application. We’ll let you know asap whether your application has been successful.

23. New subscriber confirmation

Hi [Name], welcome to the club! You’ll now be among the first to know about our special offers and discounts. Here’s what to read now: [URL]

Reminder text message templates

24. Appointment reminder

Hi [Name], this is a reminder about your appointment at [Time] on [Date]. Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill in some forms.

25. Event reminder

Only 2 days today until our fantastic online seminar! We can’t wait to see you on Zoom at 10am. Joining instructions have been emailed already.

26. Sale reminder

Our flash sale is now in full swing – only 10 hours left to bag incredible savings! Browse all sale items here: [URL]

27. Abandoned cart reminder

We took a peek at your shopping cart, and we like your style [Name]! Don’t forget to complete checkout online – only 3 [Product] left in stock! [URL]

Customer service text message templates

28. Onboarding

Hi [Name], thanks for signing up. Log into your account to view your pricing plan, features, FAQs and video tutorials. [URL]

29. Helping with common issues

Hi [Name], sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging into your account. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to fix the problem. [URL]

30. Asking for customer information

Hi [Name], thank you for starting a loan application with [Company]. We need one more identification document. Please upload a copy of your passport here: [URL]

31. Responding to complaints

We’re sorry that you’re dissatisfied with our service [Name]. We’ve received your complaint and will address your issue within 48 hours.

32. Update on customer query

Hi [Name], your query is being dealt with by [Agent]. You can track the progress of your query via our online portal: [URL]

33. Refund notification

Hi [Name], as per your request, we have now issued a full refund of [Price]. Please allow up to 5 working days for the payment to clear in your account.

34. Service cancellation

We’re sorry to see you go [Name]. We have now cancelled your recurring subscription. You’re welcome back at any time. Sign up again here: [URL]

35. Customer service survey

We hope we resolved your query satisfactorily today [Name]. Please take 2 mins to fill in this brief survey to tell us how we did. [URL]

Customer service survey text message template

Emergency alert text message templates

36. Road traffic accidents and delays

Urgent! Motorway closed at junction 42–45. Substantial delays; please find another route.

37. Flood warnings

Flood warning! The river has burst its banks, and heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for the next 48 hours. Be prepared to evacuate your homes.

38. Weather warnings

Emergency! Hurricane Ada set to hit the coastline. All local residents advised to evacuate to [Location]. Only take strictly necessary belongings with you.

39. Terrorist threat

Urgent: bag unattended on level 4. Suspected bomb threat. Evacuate the building by your nearest exit NOW. Leave your belongings. Gather at location A.

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Text message templates for internal communications

40. Meeting request

To all staff, please be aware your presence is required in the main conference room at 4pm tomorrow for a company announcement.

41. Last-minute meeting cancellation

Dear team, please note this afternoon’s marketing meeting is now cancelled due to the room being double booked. A new diary date will be sent out shortly.

42. Overtime request

Hi all, we’re two nightshift staff down next week. Can anyone cover Tues–Thurs, 10pm to 6am shift? Reply Y/N.

43. Security alert

Urgent: please note there was a break-in last night in the IT department. Equipment has been stolen, possible data breach. Please change passwords immediately.

44. Power outage

Dear all, there is a power outage at HQ. Electricity and phone lines are out. Please work from home today until further notice.

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Industry-specific text message templates

Now let’s look at text message templates that cover a range of industries such as education, automotive, property sales, beauty, health and fitness, and recruitment.

Text message templates for educational settings

45. School closure

Dear parents, [School Name] will be closed on [Date] for a teacher training day. Children should return to school on [Date].

46. Fundraising request

Dear [Parent], we need to raise $500 for a new school library and have several fundraising opportunities. Learn more and donate online: [URL]

47. Important reminders

A reminder that it’s school photo day on [Date]. Please ensure your child comes to school in full uniform! Sample photos sent home at the end of the week.

Reminder text message template

48. Lesson plans

Dear [Student], an extra lecture on [Subject] is scheduled for [Date]. Take this lecture for extra course credits.

49. Request for volunteers

Parents, we need your help at the Christmas Fair! Can you run a stall, donate goods, sell tickets or handle refreshments? Reply Y/N.

50. Covid-19 alert

Dear [Parent], [Child Name] has been exposed to coronavirus. Please monitor her for symptoms. If any appear, she must isolate immediately for 10 days.

Estate agent/property sales text message templates

51. Property viewing confirmation

Great news! You’re booked in to [Property Address] at [Time] on [Date]. Our agent will meet you outside the property. Call to rearrange or cancel. [Number]

52. Property viewing reminder

White house with a pool

Hi [Name], just a reminder that you’re booked in to view [Property Address] tomorrow at [Time]. We’re looking forward to showing you around.

53. Offer acceptance text

Hi [Name], your offer on [Property Address] has been verbally accepted by the seller! We will send your offer letter by email. Please sign and email back.

54. Property purchase/sale progress

Hi [Name], your property purchase is close to completion. We are just awaiting a completion date from the seller.

Automotive industry text message templates

55. Vehicle repair booking confirmation

Hi [Name], Carl’s Tyre Shop here. We’ve booked your vehicle in to have replacement tyres fitted at [Time] on [Date]. Please park in Bay 2.

56. Vehicle service reminder

Hi [Name], a courtesy reminder that your BMW is due for its annual service. Please call our Vehicle Servicing Dept. to book in.

57. New vehicle marketing promotion

Hey [Name], you’ve had your KIA for 3 years. Is it time to upgrade? Check out our range of new and used motors online: [URL] Extended warranties available.

58. Vehicle finance promotion

Spread the cost of a new car with our brilliant finance deal: 3 years interest-free with a 10% deposit. Call our sales desk for details. [Number]

Text message templates for beauty salons

59. Booking confirmation

Hi [Name], thanks for booking a neck and shoulder massage on [Date] at [Time]. We’re looking forward to pampering you! Need to rearrange? Call us on [Number].

60. Booking reminder

Hi [Name], a reminder that your neck and shoulder massage is tomorrow at [Time]. Your therapist, Amanda, is looking forward to meeting you.

61. Cancellation confirmation

Hi [Name], we have cancelled your neck and shoulder massage as requested. Want to rebook? You can do so online: [URL]

62. Treatment promotion

Hi [Name], we have special offers on nails during October. Get a full set of extensions at 20% off, or book a manicure with free nail polish. Book now: [URL]

Treatment promotion text message template

63. Seasonal promotion

New year, new look? Kick off January with a fabulous new hairstyle. Half price with our junior hairdresser from 5-20 Jan only. Book now: [URL]

64. Special event

Hi [Name], why not treat that special lady in your life to our Mother’s Day ‘Top to Toe’ package. Free glass of champagne included. Learn more: [URL]

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Health and fitness text message templates

65. Member welcome text

Hi [Name], welcome to Energy Gym. We’re thrilled to have you as a member. Book your gym induction and view our fitness classes online: [URL]

66. Class/session reminder

Hey [Name], a reminder that you’re booked onto spinning class tonight at 7pm. Need to cancel? Call [Number] as we’ll give your slot to another member.

67. Last-minute slot availability

Hi [Name], we’ve just had a cancellation for Zumba this evening! Want the slot? Call asap to book [Number].

68. Motivational text

We’ve not seen you at the gym for a while [Name]. Can we help you get back on track? We have a new dance class you’ll love! Book now: [URL]

69. Educational text

Hey [Name], are you superfood savvy? Read our latest blog about five superfoods you should include in your daily diet for optimal health. [URL]

70. Class/lesson promotion

Hi [Name] from Jul-Aug, we’re running tennis lessons for kids. Eight-week course, every Sat morning, with a free tennis racket! Learn more: [URL]

71. Membership renewal

Hi [Name], your Energy Gym membership is due for renewal on 1 November. Take advantage of our early bird discount and get one month free. Renew now: [URL]

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Recruitment sector text message templates

72. Welcome text

Hi [Name], thanks for subscribing to receive job updates. We’ll send you vacancies that fit your skills and experience. Update your CV here. [URL]

73. Job opportunity

Hi [Name], we have a job opportunity for a [Job Title] that matches your skills and experience. See the job description and apply online: [URL]

74. Application confirmation

We’ve received your application for [Job Title] – best of luck! We’ll let you know if you’ve been invited to interview.

75. Interview confirmation

Application success! You have been invited for an interview at [Time] on [Date]. Please log into the job portal for details.

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There are plenty of potential SMS marketing use cases, from appointment reminders to upselling opportunities. With the support of the right SMS templates, you can craft compelling SMS messages designed to engage existing and potential customers. Many businesses across different industries are beginning to utilize text templates.

Whether you want to engage new customers or encourage an existing customer to proceed with their next purchase, text templates can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience. If you are gearing up to launch your next text messaging campaign, you need access to the right SMS template to elevate the conversion power of your text messages.

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